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Web Design

1. Introduction

BetterThanYours.com is a specialty provider of low-cost webhosting solutions to individuals, sole proprietors, businesses, non-profit organizations, and civic and benevolent associations. We created BetterThanYours.com to serve a need, previously unmet, providing state-of-the-art web hosting and related services at prices scaled to meet the needs of its clients, without sacrificing reliability or quality.

BetterThanYours.com provides clients with a single source for their web strategy -- consulting, project management, and custom development. We specialize in turnkey web development, including definition, prototyping, designing, programming, testing, installation, hosting, documentation and maintenance. We strive to offer clients flexible, scalable solutions that best meet their business requirements and specifications.

The team at BetterThanYours.com has decades of experience in software development, database systems, technology, e-commerce solutions, internet and web development. We provide targeted business solutions designed to help your business grow, utilizing the great breadth of expertise of our capable team to meet your requirements. We stand ready to provide our clients with the full range of integrated Web Services from e-business strategy, creative design and technology architecture development, to solution construction and transition management. We blend project and technology management experience, senior technical resources, customer service solutions, programmers and quality engineers.

Our team has expertise in the following tools and technologies:











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2. Our Solutions

2.1. E-Business Solutions

In order to compete in the current business environment, your business needs to adopt the right technology in the right manner. Our goal is to provide appropriate solutions that fulfill changing business needs, utilizing the proper blend of state of the art and well-established technologies. We aim to provide B2B and B2C solutions to help our clients increase productivity and efficiency while maintaining or reducing resource utilization, a direct benefit to the bottom-line. We accomplish this by gaining a solid understanding of the your business needs and providing responsive, customized, scalable solutions.

2.2. Web Design

Our team is skilled in the development and design of a great variety of web sites, while especially focused on the needs of smaller organizations. From interviewing the client to establish a clear understanding of the overall needs and the specific, detailed requirements, through the design involving color schemes, font selection, static and dynamic graphic elements, attention to search engine optimization, and more, through the launch of a site, our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount.

2.3. Web Application Development

For those sites requiring server-side scripts, programs, and databases, our experienced team will implement solutions based on commercial, off-the-shelf software or open-source solutions, or if necessary, developing custom applications. Our focus is on applications that are scalable, modular, and component based, with an eye towards economy, long-term growth, and manageability.

2.4. Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization approach emphasizes maximizing relevance to improve search engine rankings.  To achieve this, our team engages in various tasks including keyword research, metatag insertion, site reorganization, link exchanges, traffic analysis, and, of course, search engine submittals.

2.5. Project Management Approach

Due to the great diversity of web design and development projects, our project management approach is necessarily individualized to each project. Additionally, and where required, configuration management and/or risk analysis receives due consideration. Our goal remains to deliver consistent results, no matter the size and scope of a project.

2.6. Web Hosting

Our unique approach to hosting permits us to provide service levels unmatched at our price points. Our economy hosting packages range from about $1.25 to $20 per month, depending on the amount of disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, and other features and resources allocated, but every customer benefits from our uncompromising hosting environment.

In light of this commitment to service, security, and affordability, we manage our own hosting servers. Our systems and teams maintain constant vigilance against hackers, crackers, spammers, and the other assorted threats online, where any potential security incident is instantly communicated for human review and intervention. Our client data is continually backed up on-site as well as off-site, and our disaster-recovery processes have been tuned and tested to demonstrate complete restore from scratch in under 8 hours.

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3. Our Portfolio: Web Site Design & Development

Our client base is primarily in the US and Canada, with international clients in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Following is a representative list of sites we have built, hosted, and maintained for our clients:

3.1. Kale's Collision / North Scottsdale Collision / Collision Center of Arrowhead

A group of websites for related companies designed with a common theme. The back end includes a service status for customers, using PHP & databases.


3.2. Arizona Papers Served

One site with dozens of domain names. The site changes slightly depending on the domain name.  Uses PHP.


3.3. Mark V Productions

Flash animation and multi-media site for an artist / entertainer / music producer.


3.4. Word Smith Communications

Flash animation, graphics & text site for a copywriter.


3.5. Kauai Search and Rescue

Site using style sheets and project management approach to website design.


3.6. Cru Fine Wines

Site with PHP & databases, for a specialty retailer.


3.7. Career Dimensions of Arizona

E-commerce site with server-side includes, PHP, and databases, for an author & consultant.


3.8. Electronic Credit Repair Kit tm

Site using PHP to drive the menus optimized to maximize search engine rankings.



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