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Website F.A.Q. or "Do I need a website?" by BetterThanYours.com

Getting a website for the first time can be overwhelming and confusing.  Like anything new, you might not even have an idea where to begin. You're not alone!  IWe will try to simplify things and help you to feel confident about shopping for a website. We will explain why you need a website, the costs that may be involved, why image matters, how to market your website, and finally, how to maintain it.  Let's start with the most obvious question.

"Why would I need a website?"

In today's busy business world, having a website is almost a must, for several reasons:

1.  Everyone has one.  Yes, we know, if everyone jumped out the window, that's not reason enough to follow.  But, in this case, what this really means is that if you are in business, your customers, business associates, friends, and yes, your mother, each expect you to have a website.  Having a website says that you are serious about your business.

2.  It saves you time.  A website can be a repository for a wealth of information, all presented just the way you like.  It is a forum where you may freely communicate with your customers and business associates about yourself, your business, and your industry.  This is of special importance to a business where your clients are generally more savvy and want to spend some time educating themselves before making their decision.  Even having the more mundane information on your website, such as directions to your location, your hours, and answers to a list of most frequently asked questions, can save you the time to answer those very questions over the phone.

3.  It saves you money.  If you've printed brochures, flyers, business cards, even coupons, you've felt those pangs of loss and regret when you've thrown these materials away after they're outdated.  We all hate that kind of waste, it's bad for our bottom-line, not to mention the environment.  With a regularly updated website, your latest brochures, flyers, business card information, and even coupons, are always available and always current.  When you do print other material, you can print limited runs for a specific purpose, and with your website listed in all printed materials, you know that even an outdate brochure can connect a potential client to your most current information.

Think of your website as a giant business card, or an extension or replacement of your yellow pages advertisement.  Handing out your e-mail and website addresses are time and money saving ways to exchange information with your customers and business associates.

In summary, here are the biggest reasons for having a website: Web Presence, Advertising and Marketing Tool, Attract Larger Audiences, Convenience, Saves time, Leverage, and Image.

"What are the costs involved?"

The answer to that question depends upon many variables. Here are some items that need to be considered when building and pricing out websites: Type of website (brochure/dynamic), size, database (yes or no), content, graphics, and turnaround time. A website designer can teach and explain all the variables involved and help you develop a solid website plan.

"What are some of the fixed costs?"

Here are some of the approximate costs involved:

  • Domain Name Registration:  $10 - $20/yr. per domain name
  • Hosting:  $15 - $150/yr. (hosting a basic site is less than $30/yr.)
  • Web Design: $50 - $80/hr. (a basic site design is as little as $300)
  • Website Maintenance:  $35/mo. and up
  • Search Engine Submittal:  free (basic) - $500 (professional campaign)
  • Marketing:  varies dramatically

Don't forget to ask your tax advisor about deducting website costs as business expenses.

As you can see, you'll pay as little as about $30/yr. for a basic website, if you'll do your own web design.  Add at least $300 as an initial, one-time cost, to have it professionally designed.  Beyond this, the sky and your imagination are the limit.

"I have my new website, what now?"

Once your website is complete, don't stop there!  The site won't get the attention you want unless you market it! Here are some suggestions for marketing your business and website:  Print the website address on all promotional items (e.g. business cards, letterhead, shirts, brochures, vehicle graphics, etc.), Direct Mail, Media Advertising, Newsgroups, Link Exchanges, News Releases, Submittal to search engines, Meta-tags, e-mail and Word-of-Mouth. Using a combination of methods will increase your chances of attracting visitors to your site and promote business growth.

"Once it's done and marketed, then what?"

In one word:  Maintenance.  Once your website is complete, make sure it remains current and fresh.  Add new items and delete old news.  Website visitors will return more frequently to your site if they see that you care about its appearance by maintaining it regularly.  Search engines will check your site more often if it regularly changes.  Your clients and business associates will notice the professional nature of a mature and well maintained site, and judge you accordingly.

"I'm convinced, where do I start?"

Now that you have gained some basic understanding about the "how" and "why" of having a website for your business, call BetterThanYours.com to get started.  We are a one-stop shop for your website and technology needs, and we'll be happy to discuss your needs in detail.  If you're ready to get your website, visit our BetterThanYours.com affordable web hosting service, and we'll get you up and running in no time!

Hire BetterThanYours.com to create your technology solution, whether it is website design, affordable web hosting, prompt website updates & maintenance, custom software development, networking design and installation, PC troubleshooting & virus removal, IT consulting, or custom e-commerce solutions.

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